Monday, July 26, 2010

To you

Still, using english....

Luckily you won't view my blog, as you totally dunno i did have this kind of habbit. Too many words actually put it on my mind, but i never told you before.

I thought i am strong enough, I thought i can cover all the things that you happened before, I thought i can totally believe on you. But when i saw her blog, I couldnt...Is hard to admit that she did love you in deep and you did hurt her a lot. It is the truth. I have to accept it.

Can i believe in you? I also dunno.

I had try once to ask people to shut up their mouth, because i knew i had did the wrong thing. This time you ask me not to talk bout her, wasn't you also think that you did the wrong things to her? Are you bluff at me on this moment ?

I am try not to be so smart...i lose all confidence when i face on you. Too many people started to worry. and i trying to keep my mind that i believe in you. Can i? Should i put you on my future plan?

May be me and her is similiar. But we are not so same. Because i cant accept a person keep on cheating on me. Also, you are not the only one that i concern. You should know that.

I always said i need you, but in truth,am i doing like this?

I really get hurt for twice my dear. So please dun try to test me.

should i forgot all the things that happened on you?

I also dunno...honestly.